Hello! Welcome to our homepage. Due to Tumblr's max exodus of December 2018 (resulting in 30% of the userbase leaving), we decided to set up shop on neocities and host the event primarily on Twitter instead.

Here, you will find archives of the event as well as the dates and prompts for the year as well.

What is Silvaze Week?

Silvaze Week is an upcoming event dedicated to celebrating the romantic pairing of Silver the hedgehog and Blaze the cat of the Sonic the hedgehog series

Each day will be assigned one prompt, and you can produce art, fic, edits, or more for those days. You can also just produce content for a few or one of those days.

A few bonus prompts will also be given out if you’d prefer to do something different to the prompts offered for that day!

Anyone is welcome to participate in the week or simply enjoy the content! The main purpose of the event is to have fun.

How do I participate?

Simply use the tag #silvazeweek in your post and we will retweet it to our account.
If you think we missed your submission, feel free to tag the account directly @shirubure or send a DM and we will correct it.

What kind of content is permitted?

Anything is allowed, provided it is original content. For example, art and fanfiction is permitted as this is wholly original content. Edits and/or AMVs/MEPs etc using official art and assets will be accepted, but usage of art or other content without the original creator's permission is forbidden.

We ask all content to be PG-13. We want to keep this event open for people of all ages to participate in comfortably.

There is a 0 tolerance policy towards plagarism. Tracing or redraws of other people's art is forbidden.

Hate art towards other characters, ships or anything else is not permitted. Please be respectful to your fellow fans.


*All art assets belong to Sega/Sonic Team*

*This site's code/layout as well as language tranlations was created by scratch by the mod team - please do not use elsewhere.*