Hello there, and welcome to this little shrine site.

I don't have much to say here. I really love old internet sites but I missed the boat on things like being able to make your own fansites/shrine sites. So I thought why not make one and learn a bit of HTML/CSS on the way.
As you can see it's still a heavy WIP, so please bear with me as it comes in to fruition. I'm a beginner and still learning, this is pretty much the first site I've ever made from scratch (I've mostly just dabbled in a tiny bit of HTML/CSS with tumblr theme codes...)

Silver and Blaze debuted too late to be around for the peak of fansites and so they never got one. The URL silvaze was available so I thought, why not. It was convenient also as I organise the Silvaze Week event along with others on tumblr. With the recent tumblr purge we thought it would be best to start thinking about migrating. As such, we're going to be hosting it on twitter and also archiving/posting information on this site.

In the meantime, I'll also embed some posts of artists that I really like and share some silvaze works. I hope you enjoy your stay :-)

What is Silvaze?

Silvaze is the pairing of Silver The Hedgehog and Blaze The Cat from the Sonic The Hedgehog series. It's one of the most popular pairings and it's easy to see why! Silver and Blaze had a very close relationship and fought together side by side when they first appeared alongside each other (Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) ).
At the end of Silver's story, Blaze decides to sacrifice herself to save the world instead of letting Silver do it. Silver, who spent the entire game being determined to save the world at any cost, chooses to save Blaze instead. At Silver's refusal to sacrifice her, Blaze commits the act herself while telling him he's naive, but she's always liked that about him. She fades away with her arm outreached to him and smiles while wishing Silver good luck. The scene ends with Silver crying and Dreams of an Absolution plays.

This whole scene touched myself and many others ever since. Silver's theme song is all about how he can't sleep anymore because he dreams of meeting Blaze every single night and trying to save her... it's so sombre and sweet at the same time!! This whole ship is so tragic and cute all in one.

As such, this has always been my favourite pairing. I love how much they care about each other and how painful of an ending it is (lol).

Time resets at the end of the game and the timeline is refreshed with Blaze nowhere to be found. Of course, Blaze has appeared in other games since so she's very much still alive.
Concerning how the time reset makes sense (as Blaze debuted in Sonic Rush the year prior, leaving many fans very confused as to why she appeared from the future with no backstory to Rush), Sonic series writer Shirou Maekawa did a Q&A during the summer of 2018. He was asked where the games fit together chronilogically and he replied that in terms of 06's ending, there's a connection between Sonic 06 and Sonic Rush.

Of course then, since Blaze is sacrificed ("sealed away to a different dimension" with Rush taking place in the Sol dimension), from this the only logical answer is that 06 comes before Rush and is a prequel.
(I had some information on how there was a cancelled Silver The Hedgehog game planned for 2009 which seems like it would probably play in to Silver's 06 ending, maybe I'll make a page on it).

Since that game, Silver and Blaze's knowledge of each other was wiped from existence. There are little hints that they still feel connected to one another and Sonic Channel has referenced it a couple of times in official art too. I'd really love to know what was planned with that Silver The Hedgehog game from back then, but Sonic Team pretty much fell apart in 2008 with the departure of writers Maekawa/Kishiyama and with it, all plot heavy games grinded to a halt with pretty much all of the lore completely discarded. We may never know.

What ever happens, we'll just keep making fanworks and supporting this pairing and having fun. Thanks for visiting!